The variety and eminence of San Diego Bay wildlife is captured in this beguiling tinted stainless steel sculpture. San Diego Synergy is an Urban Tree that brings metal to life. A naturalist at heart, artist Kent Kraber forged sheet metal into a collage of sailboats, seabirds and fish sailing along the fluid curves of wind and water.


Urban Trees metal sculpture at Chula Vista Bayside Park.

Location:  32°37’41.6″N 117°06’25.8″W

Artist:  Kent Kraber

The Urban Trees exhibitions are a series of displays curated by the Port of San Diego. The objective was to support local artists, punctuate and activate the postcard views of San Diego Bay. The open-air sculpture spectacle inspired people to stroll along the Embarcadero pedestrian promenade. The artist-designed trees added color, form, interest and a sense of fun to the waterfront.

10 Ways to Enjoy:

  1. How many varieties of fish can you identify?
  2. Can you name any of the birds?
  3. Look at the bay.
  4. Turn in a circle.
  5. Wonder how they chose this location for this Urban Tree.
  6. What would be your Urban Tree?
  7. Where would you plant your Urban Tree?
  8. Appreciate how peaceful it is at Bayside Park.
  9. Let your dog sniff the planter.
  10. Check out the details of the sailboats.

Share your fun:  #SanDiBAT