The 25-foot high structure is partially comprised of artifacts salvaged from the site of the former South Bay Power Plant, which worked along the Chula Vista waterfront of from 1958-2013. During that time, hundreds of locals were employed to provide essential power to the region.


Salvage sculpture and accompanying bench built in-part of artifacts from the site of the former South Bay.

Location: 32°37’07.9″N 117°06’11.8″W

Artist: Michael Leaf

Learn: Artist and Chula Vista native Michael Leaf had a vision to memorialize the South Bay Power Plant. He rummaged through mountains of remnants after the February 2013 implosion and collected chunks of debris. From the dust rose a 25-foot-tall monument using a large steel power plant cylinder and a park bench created from one of the plant’s turbine rotors. (Btw…nearby is a nesting platform for Osprey.)

Powering the Arts is part of the city’s changing bayfront, a long-term plan by the Port of San Diego and city. Chula Vista Bayfront has been envisioned as a destination on 535-acre waterfront destination that includes residential and commercial zoning, hotels, a conference center and more than 240 acres of parks and open space.

10 Ways to Enjoy:

  1. Scavenge for treasures.
  2. Watch the video of the Chula Vista Power Plant Implosion.
  3. When you get home, may a sculpture of scraps you find around your neighborhood.
  4. Watch the Ospreys nesting.
  5. Make a wish.
  6. Feed the fish.
  7. Go fish.
  8. Feel the bay breeze on your skin.
  9. Imagine what it was like here 50 years ago with the powerplant looming on the shore.
  10. Think about what Chula Vista Bayfront will look like when it’s redeveloped.

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