The Pacific Portal is a sculptural gazebo and trellis made of sprayed, reinforced concrete with mosaic swirls of waves and color dancing upon tiled pathways. The tempting shape echoes the ocean waves and billowing sails that are beloved by locals and visitors alike. This project was a community driven effort to create a new gathering site near where the San Diego Bay channels into the Pacific Ocean.


Concrete & mosaic gazebo and trellis.

Location:  32°43’00.6″N 117°13’20.4″W

Artist:  James T. Hubbell

Learn: Didja know, gazebos are the most prevalent outdoor garden structures in the world? The gazebo, a form of outdoor pavilion, was first found in Egyptian gardens 5,000 years ago. They have been referenced in the literature of China, Persia, and many other classical civilizations. Gazebos in tenth-century Persian gardens were anything from the movie-classic colorful tents with mats on the floors to majestic havens built across pools or streams so that the cold water running beneath would cool the marble floors.

10 Ways to Enjoy:

  1. Gather with friends.
  2. Enjoy a picnic under the trellis.
  3. Explore the acoustics of the gazebo.
  4. Hum.
  5. Have tea.
  6. Play hide and seek.
  7. Find where the bay meets the ocean.
  8. Invite people for a party.
  9. Walk around the gazebo and say all the different shapes you see.
  10. Daydream a story about you and a gazebo.

Share your fun:  #SanDiBAT