Yes, National City has some captivating pieces of art, but National City is also an interesting place in and of itself. Located just south of San Diego proper, National City is the second oldest city in the county. Calling itself a city “In the Center of It All,” National City is proud of its historic past; a coastline that is part of Naval Base San Diego, the largest U.S. Naval base on the West Coast; and a state-of-the art waterfront marina.

National City is proud of its naval heritage and welcomes all servicemen, noting, “With the military and defense industry being one of San Diego’s largest employers, National City is appreciative of the dedication and the work you do.”

National City’s Bay Art is displayed in clusters. Several pieces dot the Port of San Diego Terminal along Tidelands Ave., as well as Railcar Plaza, and by Pepper Park at Pier 32 Marina.

Port of San Diego

Didja know that the National City Marine Terminal is the primary port of entry for one out of every 10 new foreign cars shipped to the United States? Enjoy these pieces at Port of San Diego location on Tidelands during business hours:

1. Between Bay & Sky

2. Arbor Urbanus Metallicus (Urban Trees 2)

Railcar Plaza

The railcar played a significant role in transportation for the region, serving as first commuter-type train dedicated to passengers. Located a block west of I-5 at the corner of Bay Marina Blvd and Harrison Ave, adjacent to the railroad tracks and just across the street from National City’s historic “Old Depot,” it’s a good destination for a bicycle ride,

Where you’ll find:

3. NC&O 1887 railway passenger car

4. Ceramic tile artwork

Pier 32 Marina

This state-of-the-art marina is an easily accessible location for Bay art in National City. Located at the mouth of Sweetwater Channel, 6 miles south of downtown San Diego, It’s a scenic bicycle ride through marshland to the marina. When you arrive, you will find a mini sculpture garden offering seaside beauty as well as kinetic and fixed sculptures and pieces from the Urban Tree series.  This location is good for pop-up gatherings and celebrations and features pieces known as:

5. Helicoid III

6. La Bateau Ivre

7. School of Blue Bottle Noses

9. Sea Dragon

Pepper Park

Adjacent to the Pier 32 Marina is Pepper Park and National City’s historic wharf. Today this wharf maintains the vision city founder Frank Kimball: tankers come here to offload cargo, mainly brand new automobiles from Japan and lumber from the Pacific Northwest.

8. Seaside Seating